Best Numeric Keypads in 2017

Best Numeric Keypads so far in 2017

Numeric keypads or number pads can be vital for some users. They are very useful for a variety of reasons. Whether you need to able to input numbers and symbols faster with added features or just need one because your current setup does not have one. Whatever your problem is there is going to be a solution just for you. I have gone through many standalone number pads to find the best and bring them to you. As with most of my lists we will start with the more budget conscious options and move up to the more fully fledged number pads.

1. Jelly Comb USB Numeric Keypad

To start off our list we have this very affordable product from Jelly Comb. This is very similar to one you would find on a full keyboard as it does not come with a lot of added features but does include some. Some added features are the backspace key in the top right corner and the double 0 (’00’) button underneath the two. With a backspace separate from the main keyboard it means you don’t have to take the time to find and press the backspace key, increasing your speed. Same goes for the double 0, this allows you to enter number in faster. With its plug and play functionality this is the perfect number pad for anyone looking for a quick way to enter data. Check Price!






2. Kmashi Wireless Numeric Keypad

The next keypad that we have on our list is for users who prefer a stronger build or perhaps someone looking for extreme flexibility in where they can place their keypad. To really increase the useability of this keypad Kmashi has made it wireless and able to plug and play with any PC using the included dongle. Another feature included with this keypad is the backspace key which again adds to its ability to be away from the keyboard and computer. The two small downsides to having a wireless pad is the need for a battery and its small input lag. These however are manageable with this keypad making it a smart choice to buy. Check Price!






3. Jelly Comb Mechanical Numeric Keypad

For our final and best product we have another keypad from Jelly Comb. This keypad is more for programmers and accountants. As it features many special functions for specific uses. This keypad has a key for parentheses, equals sign, and tab along with a backspace button. This makes it so once you start using your keypad you will very rarely have to move back to the keyboard for a different key. I see the tab and enter key being the most useful for those who are entering a lot of numbers into a spreadsheet or other software. And the parentheses being useful for programmers and the like for its quick access. On top of all these features the keypad is also mechanical, which is always recommended because it means more sturdy keys that will last longer and have a better typing feel to it. Check Price!

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