Best Ergonomic Keyboards for Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis, or Repetitive Strain Injury

Keyboards have had basically the same layout since the days of the typewriter. For a lot of people this  layout can cause a lot of strain and pain on their joints and shoulders. Especially for people with pre-existing joint conditions. Ergonomic keyboards aim to fix those problems by laying out the keyboard in more natural ways to make it better suited for your hands and posture. Companies do this in a variety of ways trying to fine tune the shape to their customers needs and are usually quite successful. If you have a job or a hobby that requires a lot of typing getting an ergonomic keyboard might be a good idea for you. You will be able to type more accurately for a longer time and enjoy the benefits of less strain on your wrists and hands.

1. Logitech Mk550 Wave Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K350 2.4Ghz Wireless KeyboardStarting off our list with a more budget friendly keyboard we have the Logitech MK550. This keyboard features an ergonomic curve over the alphanumeric keys keeping your hands further apart and at a more natural angle. This angle keeps the shoulders from angling in and keeps the wrists off the ground making for a more comfortable typing experience. To further comfort the wrist it also features a built in wrist rest which adds a great deal of comfort when typing for an extended time. There are many function keys included on this keyboard from opening common programs like excel or word to adjusting media controls. There are also three programmable function keys which you can edit through included software.  These added function keys allow for a more fluid experience, never having to take your hand off the keyboard. This keyboard also features wireless connectivity which allows for great freedom when it comes to placement in the office space. The only downside being that it can run out of batteries unexpectedly but they generally last quite a while. All around this is a solid product that is good for testing whether or not an ergonomic keyboard would benefit you. Check Price!


2. Kinesis Freestyle2 Ergonomic Keyboard 

For our next keyboard we have a bluetooth keyboard from Kinesis. This keyboard has a different ergonomic style as it is fully split allowing you to place either half at any distance and at any angle. There is some limitation however due to the cord holding them together. This should not be a problem though as most of the time it gives you plenty of room to fit your needs. This keyboard sits flat on the table with no raised curve like the previous board. One handy and unique feature of this keyboard is its ability to stay connected to up to three separate bluetooth devices at once and switch between the two on the fly. This allows you to control multiple devices from your desk without having to switch input devices. It’s important to note that this keyboard has no number pad so if that is needed a side number pad is recommended. Overall this is a great keyboard for those who really like to customize their layouts. Replacing the battery every so often may be a turnoff for some but the versatility makes up for it. Check Price! 

3. Kinesis KB600 Advantage2

For anyone who wants to buy a really high quality ergonomic keyboard you need to look no further. This is hands down the best option for you. Its full solid body and concave keys provides perfect ergonomic support your wrists while adding comfort and ease to your typing.  Some of the major differences it has between other ergonomic keyboard layouts is the fact that a lot of keys are operated by the thumbs. For example the right thumb has space, enter, and the windows key while the left thumb has the enter key and backspace. This can take a while to get used to but as you use it you will notice a difference. They have minimized the distance your fingers have to travel to get to certain keys so that you can type faster and with less effort. One of the greatest benefits and advantage over others is their use of cherry Mx brown switches. This makes the typing experience very pleasurable and responsive while adding a tactful feel. For more information read our guide to cherry switches! These keyboards are solid and will last a long time keeping your wrists in a healthy state or helping recover from a previous condition. If you have the cash we highly recomend this keyboard as it will last a long time and feel great to type on. Check Price! 

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